A miracle


The incident

For over quite some time now, things are happening which are puncturing my will to have control over things. Or is it that as I am getting older, I am beginning to accept things than fight for or against them? One such incident that certainly stands out happened on Thursday, the 7th of November. My husband got a call at about 5.30 in the morning and me and my husband rushed in panic to Khazipet-a 2 hour drive. My mom who was returning from Chennai got pushed from the running train at Khazipet. And the railway constable found her and admitted her in a private hospital, upon our pleas that we could afford a good treatment, my dad being in business, we working for software companies and all.

For the next 2 hours I was just unable to do anything, even think. Although the constable and others there kept saying that she was OK, we had not one concrete fact to rely our hopes upon. I was requesting them to give the phone once to my mom, but they kept on avoiding doing that, which we unaware of their reasons felt that they were giving excuses. This added even more to our agitation. Why wouldn’t they give the phone to her if everything was OK as they were telling us?

We got a call telling us that her CT scan report was normal. Meant that the guys there were not making it up. And after some time my mom talked to us over the phone. Only one or two words, but enough for us to feel reassured and brush aside thoughts as my mom was in coma, had a severe head injury and would remain an invalid for life

We reached the hospital. One look at my mom told me that nothing catastrophic has happened and would happen. We then got the full version of the story.

She was returning from the washroom at about 4 in the morning. There was this guy to one side, with the door opened on the other side. As soon as she came out, he just pushed her out of the train. She fell on the track on the other side. And was crying out for help. Another guy came to her help – she’s not sure whether he got down from the train or was already there. Told her that he was a night patrolling man kind of and had come to help her…that he was like son and all. Although she did not believe him, she had no other choice but to play along with him. It was pitch dark. Nobody was in sight and the nearest station was quite some distance away. She asked him for his ID card but he kept giving some reasons. After some time she lost track of the incidents. And by the time she could regain consciousness, a constable and others were helping her. And she had very vague remembrances of being brought to the hospital.

And the part that really surprised us was that she had no major injuries. The CI and others there gave their thoughts that she had been very very lucky. I couldn’t believe that she had no major injuries for some time. So, I waited for all the X-Ray and Scan Reports to come. Nothing. Every report was normal. I did not still allow my hopes to raise. How can this possibly happen? A middle aged woman gets pushed out of a running train, atleast from a height of 6 feet. Falls on the tracks. And nothing happens to her?


The retrospection

Later when she got discharged from the hospital and came home, me, my sister and my mom were discussing these things over a cup of coffee. It was then that she told us something which she didn’t have the energy or time to talk about earlier. She told us that after she was pushed, and before she fell on the tracks, she felt that ‘something’ say some force kind of had deliberately slowed her speed just before she fell on the tracks. And she fell on the tracks with farr reduced acceleration. My mom is not an imaginative person. She is quite practical and took stand when the rest of us were lost as to what to do. So hearing such things from her kind of baffled us. Am sure she wouldn’t have told this thing had my dad or anybody been around. He would simply have brushed it off.

But can we just brush if off? The logical part of mind couldn’t accept this explanation. We have learnt a free falling body falls with the acceleration due to gravity. And ofcourse, the acceleration is not reduced before falling. And moreover, in this particular incident, she was pushed. Which meant more force. But she escaped without any significant injury. A miracle?

And various other things…

-During the fall, her head could have banged against the tracks or stones..

-A train could have come on the tracks she fell..

-An injury to the spine was quite possible..

-And moreover, her mobile ran out of charge and she couldn’t call anybody. If she had tried to call somebody, taking out her mobile, the other guy who have got really irritated and turned violent on her

-Her co-passenger was an educated woman and had alerted the TC.

-The very good constable who found her wanting for help in a very isolated place and had even put up with her puking twice or thrice on his shirt..

Could all these things have happened just because of coincidence? And especially the thing that my mom fell with reduced speed? And ESPECIALLY her feeling that she felt ‘somebody’ deliberately slowed her…

Had SOMEBODY really slowed her..


I really cannot explain whether I was this way before also or have got into this ‘complicating mode’ offlate. And the very silly logic I was using to convince my behaviour to myself – some of my friends are like me – they also like me, analyse things (or rather over-analyse/psycho analyse things to death). So that felt like the right thing to do.

Blaming luck was my favourite. Bad luck. I wasn’t the chosen one to be put into the right project. No calls from companies. Tough luck. Everybody else seemed to be getting calls and moving on with quite big pay packages BIG PAY PACKAGES I tell you, where I was still struck where I was. Again I wasn’t chosen to be given a call. And I was in the wrong place where many calls weren’t expected. Very bad hike. Bad luck, along with so many other factors…wish somebody could explain them.

Now, what should I say about this small…or big turn of luck that has saved a life? When many things could have gone wrong? It was like being caught in a net with lot many holes but yet managing to find the right place to hold on so that you don’t fall.

Why was I not thinking of my problems with my job, hike, company, timings when I was going to the hospital? Would I have cared if I had secured a job at Microsoft with a 7 digit pay package, work from home option, and a great project, but had lost my mom or had her badly injured in this accident? What was I actually thinking?

I was praying for a miracle to happen. Praying with all I could do. Nothing short of a M-I-R-A-C-L-E could restore my mother in full health to us.

And yet, it happened.

farer from logic..but nearer to experiencing something higher…better..can it be really happening? 🙂


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