Blogging phobia

Ever since I came to know about blogging, I always wanted to blog. But every time I set myself to start the first blog, I realized I had butterflies in my stomach. I would write a few lines and then close the document, saying to myself things like blogging is not for me or some other day when things are fine.

And that fine day would never come. Maybe I was afraid that people might not accept me or that I might get negative comments or worst of all people might remain indifferent. This inner conflict continued for quite some time now. So, why am I able to do it today? Maybe it is the energy of the new job, or maybe I managed to convince myself that some day has to be the first day, or maybe Taru’s encouraging words worked, or maybe the angels and stars are just right and are working in my favour today.  Sometimes you arrive at a juncture of life where you tell yourself enough is enough. Do it right now. I guess this is one such day for me.

Hurray! I managed to write so much without closing the window. And am posting the blog also. I need to CELEBRATE!!


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