The girl with a limp

It was not my day. Things were pretty frustrating. As with every bad day, I held God responsible for everything that was going bad.

As I was going home, I witnessed something which added to my grudge against God and this unfair world. The road to my home was bumpy (having been recently dug up God-knows-why). A little girl of about 10 was walking. She appeared to be walking with a limp and gave an impression as if every step she was taking involved a huge effort on her part. My heart immediately moved towards that girl. And my anger against everything resurfaced. Now, what God would give a little girl such ailment when she should be running around and playing with her friends?

With nothing else to do, I kept watching her from the other end of the road. Awkward as it was, there was something methodical in the way she was walking.  She seemed to be placing her left foot directly in front of the right and vice-versa. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had been mistaken about her. This little girl was not walking with a limp. She was doing or rather trying cat walk.  Since the road was bad with a lot of pebbles, it was not easy for her. But somehow, she was persistent in her efforts. She continued this way for some time and having finally given up, walked normally for some time and then ran to her home.

I smiled without effort for the first time that day. All the way to my home, I was giggling with little worry as to what the others on the road thought about me. Is there any learning in this incident for me? I do not know. I went home relaxed and happy.


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