Love Me Back


I get up in the morning with your thoughts

These thoughts, I seem to find no respite from

I look at your empty chair

Living and re-living the moments we spent together

Recollecting every word you spoke to me

With you sitting on that chair and me beside you

Every time my phone beeps, I run to look at it

Only to find that it is not you

And in those moments my tears are uncontrollable

The grass over which we had walked together..

Somebody else is sitting there now..

Until a few days ago, I was a happy girl

With not a single worry

But these days, all I seem to do is long for you..

For a million times I think of you

Don’t you think of me atleast once dear..

Were all those sweet nothings you spoke to me

Just a bunch of lies?

Nothing ever seems to fill this vacancy in my heart

I keep telling myself ‘you fool..he doesn’t love you back’

My heart knows this fact to be true

But doesn’t know a way out

I certainly may not die

But am not living either


Wait…a lot of unexpected happens in life

With a smile and optimism, I finally hope “Can’t you possibly love me back?”



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