I want to write!

I want to write!!

My grammar may be bad

My vocabulary terrible

But I want to write!


Let people doubt me

Say things behind my back

Say I have no talent

Or say ‘my writing is not up to the mark’ (the corporate way J)

I still want to write!


My friends may be uninterested

My column may be empty with no views, likes, or comments

Not a soul might even want to take a peek at my writing

But I so want to write!!


My words flow on to my page

Out of my grief, delight, and rage


My writings have

The cues of my sub conscious

Floating memories

Rights and wrongs; good and bad moments

Emotions and tears

Confessions and reflections

A whole new world out of my imagination


A day when I am old, lonely, or dejected

A look at my writings

Will paint my memory canvas

With various landscapes, green, brown, and barren

And an assurance ‘I was something no matter how bad’


For it’s not about being right or wrong

It’s about being just MEEE

That’s why

I want to write!


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