I remember our time together

I remember our time together

Do not say I ditched

I was the one who always compromised

You were harsh, rude, and aloof a lot of times

But remember? I talked to you, wanted to cheer you and see you smile

I might not have said much – but you know my actions might have told you I cared

Much more than your hollow ‘I love you’s that didn’t match up to the actions!!

Now, don’t blame me for your choices

You were never serious; emotions didn’t mean much to you anyways

Otherwise why would you go after other girls, knowing fully well how loyal I was!

It was you who didn’t mind breaking my trust and heart

You gave impassive replies when I was opening my heart to you

Anyways what’s the point in talking to you about feelings? You cared less!

Ok, you may ask me why I loved you

In spite of knowing all along that you didn’t love me?

Well, the truth is I wanted to love you even if you didn’t love me back

Wanted to just be there for you, around you…

With a hope that one day you will love me back!

The day you left me crying and turned your back to me – a part of me that yearned for you died!!

I couldn’t stoop any lower than that!!

So, decided to move on.

Needed to set right a lot of things ignored – people who really cared. Things that mattered.

I didn’t do any wrong.

Now, do not say I ditched.


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