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The Rain

The rain was just pouring on to me

The umbrella was hardly doing its job

With one hand occupied, I vaguely tried adjusting my dupatta

Wait…there were my handbag and lunch bag too

And that’s not all, my sandles were wet, and slippery

And then..I had to cross this street to find an auto

I wiped my eyes with the hand that held the lunch box and my hand bag

To make sense of the vehicle lights

And find the right moment to cross

I finally managed it to find a share auto

And reached home – a complete mess –  drenched and dirty


Well, that was an year ago

Today, it’s raining again

But not a drop of rain is touching me

My new dress is as new as I wore it that morning

My perfume still lingers on

I am comfortably seated in the driver’s seat

With my hand bag and my lunch bag in the back seat

I watch the people in the rain from the glass window

I had been among those people an year ago

Did anything change?

I neither feel happy nor sad

I am confused, a bit lost

Was I happier outside?

I do not know

Life just moves on..I guess

No matter what!!